Good News from the U.K

I went to listen to the poetry reading by Yasuki Fukushima in Kichijouji. Mr.Fukushima is one of the lecturers at my university. He holds the chair of poetic discourse and some other courses.

However, I had never met him. Mr.Fukushima recently published one book which has got into the new about special manufacturing methods. I heard that national TV programs featured him some days ago. Anyway, this is the first time for me to listen to his voice at live house.

Although I couldn’t imagine it very well, I soon understood his greatness and just love his extremely low tone voice. The show featured piano and a vertical bamboo flute player. It was like a jam session of Jazz. 

 When I came home, I have received a little thick envelope from the U.K. It was from Graduate School of the University of Birmingham. It told me that I’ve got qualification for admission. It means I can go to the U.K. from this coming fall. I have felt relieved.


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