The Art of Mnemonics

I read one book about the art of mnemonics when I was in my elementary school days. I , however , didn’t try it since I felt that I had a good memory at that time and I thought that I didn’t have to take note for memorizing something. Now I think that information which I needed to deal with was very simple then.
I grew older and I feel information which I have to deal with has been getting more complicated. Its amount has been also increased. In addition, my interests are broad and not well organized, anyway. Therefore, I bought a book about the art of mnemonics the day before yesterday. Then, I have been trying it. It really works on me much better than I had never expected. Although it requires me to use and expand my imagination, I realized that it was pleasant, actually. Now I am getting confidence of my power to memorize at least numbers although I need to make effort for fixing it.


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