エッセイでSpike LeeのClockers(1995)を扱おうと思っているのでオン・ライン上のレビューをチェックしている。以下はメモ。

 A film review by Christopher Null
■After the first 2 minutes of Clockers, during which a parade of bloody crime scene photos are splashed on the screen, you’ll be ready to put down your popcorn.

 Review by Andrew Hicks
■Strike is a clocker. No, he doesn’t manufacture timepieces, he does something infinitely more illegal, selling crack. (It’s a shame people throw their lives away raising money for their crack addiction when they can get it free by watching “NYPD Blue.” One of life’s better-kept secrets, I guess.).
■ Keitel and John Turturro, who is mostly kept in the background as Keitel’s partner, are the token white guys in the movie.


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